Acer Sync

I. What is Acer Sync?
AcerSync is an easy-to-use software application that lets you synchronize your contacts, calendar, photos and video clips between your Acer phone, PC and corresponding Google services (cloud).  Acer Sync software suite consists of 2 main components:

  1. Acer Sync:  Acer Sync is the framework that allows you to synchronize data between your Acer Phone, your PC, and the cloud.  It also provides the necessary extensions to enable sync-over-WiFi as well as Microsoft Outlook 2007 cloud and cable synchronization support.

    Download AcerSync:

  2. Acer PIM:  Acer PIM manages Contacts and Calendar data as an alternative to Microsoft Outlook 2007 and is particularly useful if all you need is quick and easy management features for contacts and calendar events.

    Download Acer PIM:

II. What platforms are supported by Acer Sync?

  1. PC: Windows XP (32-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit).
  2. Cloud platform: Google cloud services (contacts, calendar, Picasa, YouTube).
  3. Acer phones: (with Android or Windows 6.5 above)

III. How do I set up Acer Sync on my phones and PCs?
AcerSync supports three synchronization scenarios:

  1. Phone to Cloud (Google services)       

    You can perform the cloud sync with just a few clicks on your Acer phone which is pre-installed with AcerSync software. For some Acer phone models which are not pre-installed with AcerSync, please follow the Installation Guide to install the AcerSync from this website to your PC and transfer the software to your phone on the installation process.

  2. PC to Phone via USB cable or WiFi

    Please follow the Installation Guide to install the AcerSync software from this website to your PC.

  3. PC to Cloud (Google services)

    Please follow the Installation guide to install the AcerSync software from this website to your PC.

IV. Which Microsoft applications do I need on my PC before installing AcerSync?
Installed the applications for your version of Windows PC

V. What synchronization methods are supported by Acer Sync?

  1. USB Cable: PC-to-phone data synchronization using USB cable.
  2. Wi-Fi (local network under the same sub-net): PC-to-phone data synchronization via Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Data Connection (2G/3G/WiFi): Enables PC-to-cloud and Phone-to-cloud synchronization across all 3 platforms.

VI. What are the benefits of Sync-over-Wi-Fi?
There are few key benefits for setting up a WLAN ActiveSync connection:

  1. Comparison to Bluetooth: 
    1. WiFi Synchronization is much faster than with Bluetooth.
    2. WLAN signal coverage is usually much broader than Bluetooth.
    3. Setting up ActiveSync via Bluetooth connection, ActiveSync profile and COM port profile requires many additional setup steps.

  2. Comparison to USB connection
    1. No additional USB cable is needed by Sync-over-Wi-Fi!
    2. When using a WLAN connection, your Acer Phone can be charged with your AC adapter. The charging speed is much faster with AC adapter than with the USB port on the PC/Notebook.
    3. The USB cable requires your Acer Phone to be very close to your PC/Notebook.